Top 15 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Sri Lanka in 2022

Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has influenced its challengers to come to the primary way that utmost of us partake and consume vids online.

YouTube is one of the powerful video-sharing platforms. And the most searched website and ranked as globally 2nd position with having billions of users who spend the lots of hours on this website.

It also allows the users who are named as YouTubers to become superstars in their own right; from the cooking shows to streamers, YouTube has vids on every content conceivable. Below, we’ve put together a list of the channels and YouTubers with the most subscribers. It’s enough varied list.

  1. Sri Lanka Cricket
  2. TV Derana
  3. Swarnavahini TV
  4. Apé Amma
  5. Hiru TV
  6. Vini Productions – විනි
  7. HandiWorks
  8. Ada Derana
  9. Wasthi Productions “වස්ති”
  10. Hiru News
  11. Newsfirst Sri Lanka
  12. Ratta
  13. Vishwa Karma
  14. ITN Sri Lanka
  15. SGM Tunes
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Sri Lanka Cricket

The official YouTube channel of Sri Lanka Cricket is where you can find the latest interviews, features, and highlights packages.

TV Derana

TV Derana is a Sri Lankan private entertainment terrestrial television channel broadcasting in Sri Lanka. Launched on the 11th of October 2005, it is one of the most popular television networks in the country.

Swarnavahini TV

The Swarnavahini television channel was launched on the 16th of March 1997, with high-quality programming, reaching out to an extensive audience island-wide. It is now a multi-award-winning channel, identified among the top-rated television broadcasters in Sri Lanka.

Swarnavahini is owned by EBC Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Ben Holdings.

Apé Amma

Ape Amma started this channel to share her knowledge, skills, attitude, and experience gained as a teacher. She’ll be sharing not only Sri Lankan recipes but also other recipes close to Sri Lankan’s taste buds and about medicinal ayurvedic plants that cure many non-communicable diseases.

Hiru TV

Hiru TV combines high-definition technology and quality program lineups to provide television audiences with an unmatched array of entertainment options. Viewers can enjoy programs ranging from teledramas to documentaries or watch their favorite song videos on music shows.

Vini Productions – විනී

Vini Productions – විනී is a full-service content creation company that believes in the power of humor which is the magic ingredient to our creations. They’ve created content to tap the hearts and minds of every audience across the globe. Reviving your Life with a Smile in our own Style!


HandiWorks Provides you with hundreds of fun craft tutorials to follow along with, creating some amazing projects.
Learn Hand Embroidery, Decoration Ideas, Stitching, Paper Craft, and much more. I like to keep busy by trying & making new things and sharing them with all of YouTube.

Ada Derana

In the highly competitive news broadcasting space, Derana has built probably the most unbiased and comprehensive news property on offer “Ada Derana” – with a news team geared to deliver the most accurate and timely information.

Ada Derana is recognized as the number one News brand among Sri Lankans in terms of loyalty and viewership by reaching them through every possible opportunity.

Wasthi Productions “වස්ති”

Wasthi Productions “වස්ති” is a viral video producing company started by two best friends Anushka Udana and Dulaj Jayatillake. We discuss most of the frequent topics on social media through our videos.

Newsfirst Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s first international news channel, broadcasting in Sinhalese, Tamil, and English across three TV channels, four radio channels, and streamed live at News First


Ratta is one of the Sri Lankan Youtube channels to watch the best comedy sketches that can bring you chuckles. All the funny videos make you laugh, covering trending topics.

Vishwa Karma

VishwaKarma is Sri Lanka’s leading source of intriguing content surrounding health & beauty, science, astrology, mysterious, funny, weird, and much more

ITN Sri Lanka

The Independent Television Network (ITN) The Pioneer Television Station in Sri Lanka since 1979. With Thirty years behind us, local programs are given pride of place catering to all strata of society News and Current Affairs, Tele-Dramas, Discussion, Educational, Entertainment, Magazine, Sports are given pride of place. Special emphasis is also given to Children’s and Women’s and religious programs.

SGM Tunes

“Music can change the world”. SGM Tunes one of Sri Lankan’s largest Music Labels & Movie studios believe in bringing the world close together through its music.

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